Visit to White Horse Lodge in Wiltshire

  • 18th January 2017

Some of us had the great pleasure of visiting White Horse Lodge in Wiltshire last night and had a fantastic evening


Matt and John were talking and discovered they both come from the village of Westbury in Wiltshire, and Matt’s grandfather had been a member of the village Lodge, White Horse Lodge, joining them in 1985

Matt then decided to organise a trip down to visit his grandfathers Lodge and as John came from the same village he decided to go along as well and I shamelessly jumped on the band waggon as an ideal opportunity to visit a Lodge in Wiltshire (I had visited another Lodge there previously and liked a lot of the parts of their ceremonies which are different)

As they don’t tile until people can get to the Lodge after work (6:30pm) and there was a full meeting including an Initiation of a Candidate who had applied through their Provincial website, it was a late evening as we didn’t dine until 9:00

It was a fantastic ceremony in a beautiful Lodge followed by a hearty Festive Board in great company

I really enjoyed myself and thank Matt for his time and effort in making it possible

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